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Nutrition Consultant

Are you looking for a certified holistic nutrition consultant in Gatineau? Call on the Clinique Poids Santé team for your nutritional needs. It will be our pleasure to offer you a personalised service according to your needs and your objectives.

The approach of our nutritional consultants is as unique as you

Personalised nutrition is essential for anyone with an eating disorder. Each individual is different and therefore requires a unique approach that is based on their needs. Here is an overview of the type of support our nutrition experts can offer you:

  •  Food intolerance testing and analysis;
  • Daily follow-up and analysis of your food diary;
  • Food advice based on existing eating habits;
  • Individualised food control advice;
  • Personalised food menu creation based on health objectives;
  • Portion control calculations;
  • Personalised eating habits coaching;
Notre approche est aussi unique que vous
digestion, l’absorption et l’élimination des aliments

The key to the success of our consultants!

Nutrition and digestion are inseparable like the fingers of our hand.

Digestion, absorption and elimination of food are always at the heart of our health and therefore are always at the heart of consultations with our team. All our programs are designed to optimise the digestion of our customers.

Our holistic nutrition consultants will take the time to explain the many details affecting your health. In addition, he will play the role of a detective to effectively identify and pinpoint the many aspects that can influence your digestive health.

Meet our holistic nutrition consultant

My name is Robert Martin, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.), Certified Weight Loss Coach for the Metabolic Balance program and Naturopath, active member of ANPQ (L’Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Québec).

As a weight loss coach, my passion is to help people take control of their lives using principles that respect the body’s natural biological functions.

Click here to meet with me.

Our engagement

From the moment we first get in touch, you will receive courteous and transparent service that will allow you to ask all your questions. We will not leave you without an answer.


We will do a detailed assessment of your health.

Health assessment

We will do a detailed health assessment that will include your medical history, current health issues, various physiological signs and symptoms, lifestyle and diet.


We will support you through the entire journey.

Step by step support

Not only will we give you advice on what to do, what to buy, what to take, and when to take it, but we will explain the rationale behind each of our recommendations.


Our approach is results-oriented.

Proactive follow-up

Our approach is results-oriented. In order to stay true to this philosophy, we frequently monitor your progress to ensure that we are doing everything possible to help you achieve your desired results.

Together, we can reach your goals!