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Anne – 31 pounds


Why did you decide to consult a nutritionist / naturopath for your health challenges?
I needed to make a change for my health, for my life (excess weight, but above all serious stomach problems, fatigue and others). It was a very personal decision …
was doing for me … but I also had criteria for a very specific eating plan (I wanted real food and 3 meals a day … no powder).

How did you feel before consulting?
I had hit a wall, I had to do something important to improve my health.

Why did you choose to work with your coach (Robert Martin)?
Because it offered a program that was appropriate to my expectations (program: Metabolic Balance).

How did your program go?
Excellent …. The program met all of my expectations. The program was simple, clear and easy to follow … but required supervision and significant discipline (it was necessary to re-learn to eat). It was personalised and accommodated my preferences while also adapting to the needs of life. The program adapts to the individual’s goals.

What was the impact of the personal coaching received for you?
The coaching received greatly helped my personal motivation; the information was clear and all my questions answered. I needed to be disciplined to achieve my goals but I needed flexibility to accommodate the demands of my personal and professional life (I travel a lot at the professional level). Coaching helped me adapt the program to
specific conditions by offering practical solutions.

What was your greatest motivation for adhering to your coaches’ recommendations?
Robert (coach) was able to meet my needs (answer my questions and offer options).

What have been your biggest changes since starting the program?
Well-being … I feel good (physical and mental). I have more energy. I no longer have a stomach problem.

Why would you recommend your coach (Robert Martin) to someone who needs to improve their quality of life?
I recommend Robert for his listening skills and his way of presenting information in a clear and concise manner. His understanding and knowledge facilitate the learning and application of the
program. It recognises that the effort is great and helps us by presenting this effort in the context of life … how to make the effort realistic (flexibility) … it helps to avoid the feeling of guilt if it does not work out everything the first time (for example: do not start the program a week before the holiday season).

Gatineau, Québec