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Sylvie – 34 pounds


1. Why did you decide to consult a nutritionist/naturopath for your health challenges?

I decided to consult a nutritionist/naturopath because I was looking to lose weight, and go back down below 200 lbs. Being in my early 50s, I wondered if hormones and metabolism were holding me back from losing weight. So I decided to follow Metabolic Balance and by investing in this, I was more certain to go all the way, to get my money’s worth.

2. How did you feel before consulting?

Before consulting I did not feel good in my body. I hated seeing myself in a mirror. I could hardly tie my shoes without being out of breath. My tight belt always bothered me a lot. And the number on the scale taunted me a lot.

3. Why did you choose to work with your coach (Robert Martin)?

I chose to work with my coach because he offered the Metabolic Balance program in my area. This program appealed to me a lot and Robert explained it to me well, when I contacted him, so I went for it.

4. How was your program?

My program went very well. I reached my goal without too much effort… a bit lol, but nothing that slowed me down or discouraged me.

5. What was the impact of the personal coaching received for you?

I believe coaching is important, for encouragement and tips and tricks that can be easily obtained. We stay the course until the next visit and we want to be proud of our progress on these visits. Motivation!!

6. What was your biggest motivation to adhere to your coach’s recommendations?

From the first weeks, my results were very good, so I easily continued to follow the recommendations of my coach. He is friendly, very kind and knows his program very well.

7. What have been your biggest changes since the beginning of the program?

Since the beginning of the program, I eat better, I know how to recognize foods that are less good for me and I can more easily say no. I drink a lot more water, I saw the importance of it during the process. By the same token, I drink a lot less alcohol and I feel less tired and am more fit. All in all, I like what I see in the mirror since I reached my goal!

8. Why would you recommend your coach (Robert Martin) to someone who needs to improve their quality of life?

I have already recommended Robert Martin and the Metabolic Balance program to a few people and will do so again. I like to name the person who helped me to feel better about myself and to be proud of my new look.

Sylvie Quesnel
Gatineau, Quebec